sometimes i get distracted by my own cleavage like… nice…….


Seeing people the same age as you doing awesome things with their lifeimage

i’m pretty sure i haven’t had my period in like 2 months because i switched birth control methods and then stopped using birth control altogether and my body is like wtf bro but ANYWAY my period started today and it hurts so much i feel like i want to set everything on fire and then crawl into a cave and die. how was your day?


You think you’re going to be hip and teen forever and then suddenly you find yourself drinking red wine and playing board games and lusting after men with beards 


Laverne Cox attends the amfAR Inspiration Gala at The Plaza Hotel in NYC on June 10, 2014


my favorite part of les miserables is when thenardier doesnt recognize eponine and is like who the flying fuck is that and one of the other dudes is “thats your kid holy shit thenardier what the hell” 




I was driving past a business here in the Houston Heights, when I glimpsed this painted on the side of the building. I recognized that iconic WWII poster before I realized it was not just any woman, but 14 year old Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who was attacked for wanting an education. The words next to her are her quote, ( “I don’t mind if I have to sit on the floor at school.) All I want is education. And I’m afraid of no one.”

This is gorgeous.



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